Stream monitoring

How to

  1. Choose Monitor > Live Media > Monitor Streams.
  2. Select the Media Services Live (Stream Packaging) delivery format.
    This displays the Monitor Live Streams | Monitor Stream Packaging (RTMP Ingest/ HDS & HLS output) page. In this page, you can view the current set of active streams, which have ingress traffic (between encoder and entry point). You can monitor ingress traffic, egress traffic (between the Edge server and the end user), and viewer statistics.
    Note: This page contains estimated data.

    You can also search for specific streams by stream name or entry point port number and CP code as follows.

  3. Enter either the name of the stream you would like to view or its entry point port number in the Search field.
  4. Select the stream’s CP code (or All CP Codes) from the accompanying drop-down menu.
  5. Click Go.
    Click More Options to customize the report period, email the report, or retrieve report data in CSV format (Refer to Customize reports).