RTMP Ingest and HD Flash 1.0 Output

The following are security offerings for RTMP Ingest/ HD Flash 1.0 Output streams delivered with Media Services Live: Stream Packaging for HD Flash 1.0 output. Each one is disabled in the default configuration, so they must be explicitly enabled by your Account Representative.

  • Using Player Verification. Verifies that the player attempting to play the content is valid and authorized. This feature is similar in functionality to SWF Verification offered by Adobe’s Flash Media Server; it is, however, an entirely different approach to SWF Verification and does not use Flash Media Server or require an RTMP connection to be activated. If the player fails to pass the verification test, the Edge server stops delivering content to it after five seconds.
  • Using Token Authorization. Protects the initial content request. A customer-built token service generates a unique, single-use, public, time-delimited token for the content, based on a secret shared with Media Services Live. This token service only generates the token if you are a valid user for the application. Examples include LDAP or a cookie for successfully logging in to a site. If the token is incorrect or missing, the Edge servers do not return any content.

Each security type can be implemented independently of the others or together in any combination. The following examines how to implement each of these.