Naming streams

By default, stream names follow the pattern name_identifier_identifier@streamid (for example, game1_1_150@1234). Having multiple, variable elements allows for large numbers of unique stream names. Typically, the elements here would be name_cameraAngle_bitrate@streamid, but the contents of the identifier elements can be any value as long as they are unique. The only static element here is streamid, which Media Services Live: Stream Packaging assigns.

Note: Stream names are limited to alphanumeric characters and underscores (_) only. No other special characters are allowed.

If you are using Flash Media Live Encoder, you can use the HDS tags for your stream name elements. So for the earlier example, name_cameraAngle_bitrate@streamid, you enter game1_1_%v@1234 into the encoder.

The name element must be identical across all your event’s streams, or Media Services Live: Stream Packaging will treat them as different events. Also, if you plan to use multiple camera angles with multiple bit rates for each, each bit rate must be associated with each angle. For example:

Angle 1 Angle 2 Angle 3
game1_1_150 game1_2_150 game1_3_150
game1_1_300 game1_2_300 game1_3_300
game1_1_650 game1_2_650 game1_3_650

It is important to begin all streams simultaneously; otherwise, it might adversely affect your stream archive behavior. To ensure simultaneous start times, Media Services Live: Stream Packaging uses the latest start time of your event’s streams to use as a baseline and hides the beginning of the earlier-starting streams from their time zero (0) to the baseline to ensure all archives begin at the same time.

For example, if you have an event with three streams at different bit rates:

  • event_1_150@1234
  • event_1_300@1234
  • event_1_600@1234

You begin streams 1 and 2 at time 0 seconds, but you do not start stream 3 until time +5 seconds. When attempting to stream from the archives after the event ends, the first five seconds of streams 1 and 2 are hidden so that all begin simultaneously at time +5.

Because of this behavior it is also important not to use the same name element between different events. It causes the archives of the later-starting events to hide those of the earlier-starting ones.