Set up playback for HDS and HD Flash 1.0 outputs

Media Services Live: Stream Packaging delivers FLV (Flash Video) files progressively to a Flash Player, version 10.0 or greater. Progressively here means over an HTTP connection and through a null NetConnection. Contrary to the restrictions associated with progressive delivery, you can instantly seek to any point in these files, smoothly switch between different renditions of the content at alternate bit rates, play live content, and employ DVR (Digital Video Recorder) functionality (seeking back into a live stream to watch previously recorded content and then being able return to live at any time). These FLV files can actually wrap H.264 content. The majority of content delivered over Media Services Live is H.264.

You can build players for Media Services Live: Stream Packaging using any IDE that allows you to author in ActionScript 3.0 and compile to Flash Player 10. The core library is pure ActionScript 3.0 and is not dependent on the Adobe Flex® framework or any other framework for implementation. The most common development environments are Adobe Flash Builder® software and Adobe Flash Designer.