Create events

The first step in using the Event Center is to create a scheduled event for your streams.

How to

  1. Navigate to the Schedule page:
    1. Log in to the Control Center. The Control Center home page appears.
    2. In the upper navigation bar, select PLAN and Scheduler.
      The Schedule page appears.
  2. Create a new event:
    1. In the calendar’s upper right-hand corner, click New Event.
      The Create Event dialog box appears.
    2. In the Event Name field, enter a name for your event.
    3. In the Description field, optionally enter a description for your event.
    4. In the Event Starts section, use the calendar icon and time drop-down menus to select the event’s start date and time.
    5. In the Event Ends section, use the calendar icon and time drop-down menus to select the event’s ending date and time.
    6. From the Timezone drop-down menu, select the timezone within which the event occurs.
    7. From the Coordinator combination box, select the name of the person coordinating the event.
    8. In the Streaming Event area, click Add Stream.
      The Add Stream dialog box appears.
    9. In the left window, select the HD Flash Live tab.
    10. In the left window, select the check box of any stream you would like to include in the event and click Add.
      The selected streams appear in the right-hand Selected Streams window.
    11. To remove a previously selected stream, select its check box in the Selected Streams window and click Remove.
    12. To add additional stream types, select the HD Silverlight Live and/or iOS Live tabs, as appropriate, and add streams as outlined in the previous step.
    13. After selecting the desired streams, click Add.
      The selected streams appear in the Streaming Settings area. You can delete any stream by clicking Remove to the right of the stream name.
    14. In the Bitrates area, select the check box of any applicable bit rates for the event.
    15. If a desired bit rate is not listed, select the Other check box and enter the bit rate in the accompanying field and drop-down menu.
    16. From the Audience Size drop-down menu, select a predetermined or custom audience size.
    17. If you choose a custom audience size, enter the estimated size in the accompanying field.
    18. In the Location section, click Add Region and select an appropriate region from the resulting drop-down menu. To add additional regions, repeat this step.
    19. Click Save Event.

      The Schedule page reappears with the new event on the calendar and in LIVE EVENTS and UPCOMING EVENTS column on the left.

      You can view an event’s details by clicking its name in the calendar view, which opens a new column on the right displaying the details.