Example 2: Trim a track (with gaps) from archive views

In this example, the event that includes gaps has completed, and you want to continue making the event available to end users, but without gaps.

You can edit the event to be published, for example, every week by trimming this event. For example, you have multiple instances of the same event in your archive — aka_certif_512 and aka_certif_256.

Details of the track that DOES NOT NEED to be trimmed.

You can see that track aka_certif_512 does not need to be trimmed - it was smoothly streamed and accordingly archived without gaps.

Details of the track that must be trimmed

You can see that track aka_certif_256 needs to be trimmed and republished. From the detailed view and graphical depiction (in red) of aka_certif_256, you can see that there is a gap. The live encoder might have been restarted that created a gap in the track. You can edit this track using the On Air Start Time and On Air End Time fields and the options of the Deletion Option menu.