About the Control Room

In the window's upper, right corner, you can:

  • View alerts by clicking Alerts.
  • Chat with your Account Representative by clicking Chat,
  • Add or remove widgets by clicking action button,

In the window's upper, left corner, you can edit the event by clicking Edit to the right of the event name.

The Control Room’s default widgets include:

  • PREVIEW PLAYER — An embedded video player (Flash only) showing your live stream as it appears to your end users.
  • TOTAL [IOS/SILVERLIGHT/FLASH] LIVE (REQUESTS) — The number of Edge requests per second (given in five-minute segments) and the response types sent to the end user clients.
  • TOTAL [IOS/SILVERLIGHT/FLASH] LIVE (VIEWERS) — The maximum concurrent streams for a given five-minute time period.
  • TOTAL [IOS/SILVERLIGHT/FLASH] LIVE (EDGE) — The peak bandwidth for a given five-minute time period.

Mousing over a widget displays data for a specific five-minute period in time.

Note: A vertical orange Estimated Data line in a graph indicates data based on partial information due to unavailability of a complete set of logs.

In addition to the default set of widgets, you can also display the following:

  • TOTAL [IOS/SILVERLIGHT/FLASH] LIVE (EDGE STATUS)—The Edge errors by category for the selected five-minute period and the total percentage of Edge errors. For each response code category, you will see the number of hits and the percentage of all hits. The categories are:
    • OK: 200, 206, and 210
    • Client Disconnect: 408 (WMS) and 432 (Flash)
    • Not-Found: 404
    • Permission: 400, 401, 403, 433, and 434
    • Server/Source Error: 500, 501, 502, 503, and 504
    • Client-Abort: 000
    • Other: All response codes other than the above, including 301, 302, and 304
  • Rate of Key 4xx Edge Responses— The total number of 401, 403, 404, and 415 responses returned for a given five-minute period.
  • Origin Bandwidth (Megabits per Second) — The amount of bandwidth coming off the origin (Microsoft® Silverlight® format only)
  • Origin Traffic (Hits per Second) — The number of hits on the origin (Microsoft Silverlight format only)
  • Origin Bandwidth Offload (Megabits per Second) — The amount of bandwidth transferred from the origin to the Edge (Microsoft Silverlight format only)
    Note: Unavailability of any of the above reports indicates that you either do not have that service (as noted) or that report has no data.