Ingest Limits

The infrastructure has specific limits on ingesting Media Services Live: Stream Packaging streams.

The following describes the calculation.


No more than 64 Mbps total bitrate per configuration (sum of primary and backup).


The Stream Packaging limit is a function of the sum of the bitrates of the primary and backup bitrates.


Assume that you have a dozen streams each with six bitrates (64, 264, 464, 864, 1664, 2264 Kbps) and each with a backup stream. If you ingest for the Stream Packaging network, it is a total of 5.584 Mbps of ingest per stream or 134.016 Mbps of ingest across all streams and backups. At 64 Mbps per configuration, you need 3 configurations (134.016 / 64 = 2.094).