Helpful definitions for HDS and HD Flash 1.0 outputs

File Type Description Extension Example
Flash Media Manifest File This file is requested by the player once at the start of the play session. It contains a list of all the available bit rates (tracks) for the requested stream along with the DVR window and other related metadata. The player uses the bit rates in this file to make switching decisions based on available bandwidth. .f4m manifest.f4m
Bootstrap File Each bit rate has its own bootstrap file that contains a list of segments, and fragments within the segments, which are available for playback. The number of fragments in the file determines how far back the player can seek from the live point.

For a live stream, the player requests the bootstrap file frequently to get the next set of fragments for playback.

.bootstrap 1200_2d7ba93e14ed84fc-p.bootstrap
Fragment File These are small files suited for HTTP streaming that contain the audio or video media data in the MP4 format. N/A 1200_2d7ba93e14ed84fc-p_Seg1-Frag5456490