Stream Packaging (RTMP Ingest/ HDS & HLS Output) traffic reports

The following traffic reports are available for HDS (Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming) and HLS (Apple Live Streaming) traffic:

  • Average Playback Sessions. The estimated average number of concurrent playback sessions, including historical and real-time statistics.
  • Edge Bandwidth, in Mbits per Second. The total bandwidth, peak bandwidth, and total volume for the CP code(s) and time period selected. This data includes the following:
    • Request traffic. Includes the Request HTTP header size and any protocol overhead.
    • Response traffic. Includes object bytes plus overhead bytes.
      • Origin traffic, including all HTTP response codes.
      • Midgress traffic, including all HTTP response codes. Midgress bandwidth is counted twice, once when the response is sent by an Edge server, and a second time when it is received.
      • Edge traffic, including all HTTP response codes.
        Note: Tiered Distribution midgress bits—bits served from the Tiered Distribution infrastructure to Edge servers—are counted as Edge bits in real-time data. There is currently no way to segment Tiered Distribution midgress bits from Edge bits in real-time data.
  • Edge Traffic, in Hits per Second. The total number of hits for the selected CP code(s) and time period. The peak number of hits per second and the total hits are highlighted in the graph. The breakdown of response codes is shown with different colors This data includes all response codes served from the Edge server to the end user.
  • Edge Response Codes, as a Percentage of Hits. This graph displays the Edge errors by category for the selected time period and the total percentage of Edge errors. For each response code category, you will see the number of hits and the percentage of all hits. The categories are:
    • OK: 200, 206, and 210
    • Client Disconnect: 408 (WMS) and 432 (Flash)
    • Not-Found: 404
    • Permission: 400, 401, 403, 433, and 434
    • Server/Source Error: 500, 501, 502, 503, 504
    • Client-Abort: 000
    • Other: All response codes other than the above, including 301, 302, and 304
      Note: This graph displays response codes based on the stream start times. In the case of a disconnected event for a long-running stream, there is an apparent increase in the error rate preceding the disconnect, even though the streams end at the same time.
  • Rate of Key 4xx Edge Responses, per Second. The total number of 401, 403, 404, and 415 responses returned for the CP code and selected time period. The peak and latest numbers of errors per second and the total number of errors for the time period are highlighted in the graph.
  • CP Code. This table displays the total Chunk Hits and Edge Volume aggregated for the selected CP code.