How do I allow only the highest bit rates be available when in fullscreen mode?

In a player that has a stage video of 640x360 and an MBR set of files at:

  • 640x360, 500 kbps
  • 640x360, 1.5mbps
  • 1280x720, 2.5mbps
  • 1280x720, 3.5mbps

It would be a waste of bandwidth allowing the 3.5mbps feed to play in the 640x360 stage, since the end user would not perceive any quality benefit and the player would have to spend PCU cycles throwing away most of the video content it was receiving.

To only allow the player to use the 1280x720 renditions in fullscreen mode, set the maximumBitrateAllowed property to 1700 when the HDNetStream class is instantiated (any number greater than 1500 will do). This will limit the class's switching algorithms to only allow a bit rate encoded at 1700 or below, and it will only cycle between the two lower renditions.

In your player, set a listener on the fullscreen event, and once the player is in fullscreen mode, set maximumBitrateAllowedto any number greater than 3500. This will allow the class to switch up to the HD resolutions if the user has sufficient bandwidth. After the user exits fullscreen mode, set maximumBitrateAllowed back to 1700. This will cause the class to switch down to the highest bit rate it can sustain that is lower than that value, effectively limiting the user to a 640x360 video.