Use the Legacy Live Archive Management Tool

You can use the Legacy Live Archive Management Tool to manage archives of your live streams including adjusting the on-air stream times, trim the stored archived events, and view details of gaps in the archives across all bit rates.

This section describes how to access the tool, use it, and also provides usage examples.
Note: After you set up the Live Archive Management Tool, it is important that you do not change the settings while end-users are actively connected to your stream, because this causes playback issues.

How to

  1. From the Media Services Live Provisioning Dashboard, select the stream that you need to archive, retrieve, or trim (archived event).
  2. In the Actions menu and select the Archive Manager Legacy option.
    The Live Archive Management page appears as shown in the following figure. This page lists all events for your stream’s primary and backup entrypoints. Its display includes Event Name, Archive Start Time, and Archive End Time. Each event also has an accompanying View/Edit Details link with which you can access the Archive Management parameters and a Delete link that will completely remove both primary and backup archives. Note that the delete action is permanent and cannot be reversed.

What you should see

Live Archive Management Tool - initial page.

You can view event’s details by clicking View/Edit Details for an event. Your screen will be similar to the following figure.

Live Archive Management Tool — options.

You can perform the following operations from this page:

  • Search through the list of events for a specific event.
  • Change the number of event entries for the displayed list.
  • Change the view of event archive times.
  • Expand the display to show details for all archived events by clicking the Select All check box and show all gaps in all events.
  • Display an individual event’s details by clicking the double arrows.
  • Show events’ gaps in graphic depiction (red for gaps) by clicking the checkbox for this event.
  • Trim events using information about event gaps by setting up On Air Start Time and On Air End Time.
  • Save the trimmed event. This will help to re-publish archived events and eliminating gaps.
  • Delete an archived event or part of it using the options of the Deletion Option menu. Note that the delete action is permanent and cannot be reversed.
  • Close an event detailed display by clicking on Save.