Purge content by CP code

Instead of identifying the specific content to be purged, you can choose to purge all content associated with one or more CP codes.

Purge Cache fetches authorized CP codes across all products in your active Akamai accounts and contracts; CP codes associated with your Control Center login are listed for your selection.
Note: Objects are fetched from your origin server so you want to avoid purging all objects for a CP code as this can increase load on your origin server. Also, your CP code selection cannot exceed 100.

To purge content by CP code:

  1. Select the Content Type.
  2. Under Content to Refresh, select CP Codes.
  3. Use the search field or the scroll bar to locate the CP codes you want to purge.
  4. Click the check box to select the CP codes.
    • To select all available CP codes, click the check box in the CP Code heading row.
    • To change the order (ascending or descending) in which the CP codes are listed, click the directional arrow.
    • To display only the CP codes selected, click the View Selected Only check box.
  5. For RTMP content, select a method (Invalidate for Delete).
  6. Click Start Refreshing Content.