Encoding entropy algorithm

There are two coding options available for generating H.264 content:
  • Context-Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding (CABAC)
  • Context-Adaptive Variable-Length Coding (CAVLC)

We recommend using CABAC encoding as it provides a 7-10% quality improvement over CAVLC. However, because it is more efficient, it requires an extra 10-15% CPU. CABAC encoding is only available in H.264 Profiles Main & High. When targeting low-powered devices, such as older cell phones and tablets, we recommend using H.264’s Baseline Profile that uses the less compute intensive CAVLC encoding entropy algorithm.

Weighted Prediction is another encoding option available in H.264 that can improve quality by improving motion compensation. It should be avoided, though, on less powerful clients due to the extra CPU power it requires and its limited compatibility in the lower codec profiles.