Add an external data source widget to your dashboard

Use an existing dashboard or create a new one for the external data source widgets. You can compare mPulse results or other third party data sources with the results.

How to

  1. In mPulse, click Central.
  2. In the left pane, click Dashboards, then either
  3. From the Widget Type list, locate the external data source widget and drag it to your dashboard. The data appears on the dashboard.

What you should see

The Rigor, Dynatrace, and Data Science widgets provide the following options and information.
Rigor widget
The Rigor widget has these options:
  • Average Response Time
  • Error Count
  • Maximum Response Time
  • Minimum Response Time
  • Percentage Downtime
  • Percentage Uptime
  • Response Time
  • Standard Deviation
  • Run Count
  • SLA Percentage
Dynatrace widget
The Dynatrace widget includes the metrics that you set up in the Dynatrace service.
Note: Synthetic checks typically only run once an hour or so. This means that last 5 Minutes or the last 30 minutes may not show any data.
Data Science
The Data Science widget includes Data Science (DS) notebooks and charts that react to date time and domain filters. The treemaps react to date time, domain and country filters. You can also set mPulse-specific notebooks with charts and chart version numbers in DS for the mPulse widget. Note that more than one widget cannot be created from the same notebook. There are a set of standard notebooks available, and custom notebooks can be used in mPulse. For assistance with DS notebooks, contact your Akamai Professional Services team.