Define a dimension with User Agent

Capture a portion of the user agent (for example, a browser) using a regular expression.

How to

  1. If the dimension that you want to capture applies only to certain pages on your site, enter the URL pattern to match those pages.
    You can use an asterisk as a wildcard to replace one or more characters (for example, */example/example-abc/*). mPulse looks for the first matching query string parameter for the page that has a URL pattern match.
    Note: For the best results, avoid using a regular expression in the URL pattern.
  2. In the Regular Expression field, enter the portion of the user agent that you want to capture.
    For instance, to capture a retailers specialty kiosk (”1234”) in this format: “kiosk-code:1234” the regular expression might look like this: kiosk-code:(.+):.
  3. In the Replacement field, enter the parameter (for example, $1) to represent the value captured in the regular expression.