Quick Start

This guide walks you through a simple setup to get you started quickly, then shows you how to use mPulse to see your performance in real time. You'll understand immediately how changes to your Akamai configuration or your website impacts your visitors' experience.

Before getting started, take a few minutes to review these important points.

Placing the mPulse snippet on your site
For mPulse to do its job, a bit of JavaScript code (mPulse snippet) must be inserted (tagged) in the HTML of all of your pages. This avoids blind spots in your data as your visitors move from tagged pages to untagged pages. Place the snippet in the HTML document as close as possible to the opening <HEAD> statement so the boomerang library loads before the browser’s onload event fires. This is critical for your custom timers and custom metrics.

If Akamai delivers your web traffic, we'll show you how to enable mPulse in your property configuration as to inject the snippet on your pages at the Akamai edge server. Otherwise, you’ll need to copy and paste the snippet on your site (at the origin) or use a tag manager service to do the job. A tag manager such as Tealium, provides automation and reduces placement errors. Following best practice, use a common template that all webpages can pick up, such as header.jsp.

Uncomfortable doing this task by yourself? You can chat online with mPulse experts, or have a colleague help you.

Collecting mPulse beacons
After setup, mPulse starts to collect beacons within seconds. You’ll see live dashboards in mPulse with your own data right away, except in the Waterfall dashboard and with historical data collected more than 24 hours earlier, both of which can take a few more minutes to load.

Does Akamai deliver your web traffic? If so, after your first mPulse configuration becomes active on the Akamai network, it takes about 15 minutes to deploy the configuration to the edge servers and to generate data. This depends on the amount of traffic being sent and the time to populate the data in the portal. If you experience delays greater than 4 hours, contact your account representative for assistance.

When you're ready, log in to mPulse and get started.