Integration with Bot Manager

Bot Manager integration improves mPulse bot detection and classification capabilities.

Bots can skew performance data reported within mPulse. The integration with Bot Manager improves bot detection and classification capabilities and allows you to easily compare bot data against real user performance data. You can control whether or not mPulse collects beacons from bots in order to more precisely focus on performance, user engagement, and business metrics from real end users. mPulse uses Botman to determine whether a visitor is a bot or not so you can diagnose performance issues and identify if bots are the root cause.

Select the Include Bot Beacons checkbox in the app configuration UI to enable this feature.
There are three system dimensions associated with this integration. You can add these dimensions to custom dashboards as filters that segment your RUM data based on visitor type and bot category in order to better understand how bots may be impacting your performance data in aggregate.
  • Bot Manager indicates whether Bot Manager was enabled for the page visit or not
  • Bot Manager Bot Type indicates the bot type as classified by Bot Manager
  • Bot Manager Bot Category indicates the bot category as defined by Bot Manager
Note: If no bot beacons are present in the data, the values of these system dimensions will be null.

Known Limitations

mPulse can only report on bots that execute the mPulse Javascript.

Some visitors may not be identified as bots by Bot Manager until after they’ve visited multiple pages on a website, so the bot classification information included in beacons from earlier page views may not be accurate.

Edge Injection

In order to capture bot detection data from Bot Manager, you need to set up mPulse edge injection.

To opt out of the Bot Manager mPulse pearl logic, change the PMUSER_MPULSE_BOTMAN setting to false in your property configuration.


Note: Learn more about setting up User-defined variables .

Bot Manager Standard and Premier

If you have Bot Manager Standard (BMS) or Bot Manager Premier (BMP) in your contract, you will see more detailed values in the Bot Type and Bot Category dimensions.

If you don’t have those services, you can still select the Include Bot Beacons checkbox and add bot-related dimensions as filters. However, possible values for the Bot Type dimension will be limited to Bot, Synthetic Monitoring, and (No Value), and Bot Category values will be (No Value).

mPulse Lite

For mPulse Lite users that have BMS or BMP, the bot classification provided by Bot Manager is used to determine whether mPulse drops or collects a beacon. You don’t have the option to collect and observe bot activity in mPulse Lite.