Page group best practices

Guidelines for defining, naming, and applying page groups to your data.

  • For easy data management and maintenance, limit your page groups to fewer than 20.
    Note: There is a limit of 10,000 unique page groups for each mPulse app. If your app exceeds the limit, you will not be able to create any additional page groups.
  • Page group names are injected in to your site’s data beacon when it’s created. Once your site is tagged with the mPulse snippet, and mPulse starts to receive your beacons, you cannot add a page group to your data beacon or change an existing page group name in your data beacon. Consider defining your page groups before or very soon after you tag your site with the mPulse snippet.
  • When naming page groups:
    • Establish a naming convention early on and stick with it, preferably before or very soon after you tag your site with the mPulse snippet.
    • If your page templates have a page name variable, pull the value of a JavaScript variable and use that. If you're using an analytics tool that has page name variables in the JavaScript, they can be used as well.
    • In most cases, some portion of the URL can be parsed and used to name your page groups.
    • Use alphanumeric characters, dashes, underscores, and spaces only. The maximum character length is 100. If your page name exceeds this limit, it'll be truncated.
  • Use caution when defining page groups with variables or expressions, as they can create extremely large numbers of resulting page groups, which will distort and delay data going to the mPulse dashboards.
    CAUTION: Creating page groups with variables or expressions may cause your app to exceed the 10,000 page group limit.
  • List your more specific page groups first, and your general page groups last.
  • JavaScript Variable definitions don’t fail so list these page groups after the other page groups.