Create a time interval report

Use a time interval report to see how your site performs within a specific time period, for example, the first two days after a new release rolls out.

How to

  1. In mPulse, click Central.
  2. In the left pane, click Reports, then click the plus sign on the menu bar.
  3. In The Basics section, give the report a name. Enter a descriptive comment about the report if you want.
  4. Enter the location where you want the report stored.
    You can store reports by owner, function, or whatever category you choose.
  5. In the Schedule section, select On a time interval.
  6. Enter the number of minutes, hours or days that you want the report to run.
  7. Select a start date and time, then a time zone for the report.
  8. In the Recipients section, set up a report notification.