About mPulse reports

Use mPulse reporting to analyze changes to your website. Get business critical snapshots about your visitors’ experience.

With mPulse reporting, you can create reports with a set of recurring specifications. This type of reporting runs on a periodic schedule for weekly, monthly, or yearly analysis. You can also create ad hoc (one-off) reports to answer specific business questions.

The report body can contain one or more dashboards. Embed dashboards as a URL for direct access to data, or as an image in your reports. Use email, PagerDuty, Webhook or Slack to deliver your reports.

After you create and save a report, it appears in the Central screen, in the Reports main viewing area. A report must be active (enabled) to send a notification at the appropriate time.

mPulse gives you ready access to a variety of user and administrative actions such as change owner and permissions. Right-click the report to see the available actions.