Create a static alert

Translate a concept like “The servers are down.” or “The pages are too slow.” into specific conditions that trigger notifications to your operations team.

How to

  1. In mPulse, click Central.
  2. In the left pane, click Alerts, then click the plus sign on the menu bar.
  3. In The Basics section, give the alert a name. Enter a descriptive comment about the alert if you want.
  4. In the Choose a Data Event section, select Static Threshold.
  5. Select a severity level (info, low, medium, severe).

    The meaning of the severity levels is up to you. If you're going to use different severity levels, it's best practice to define the alerts. Let individuals and teams responsible for alerts know about the definitions.

  6. mPulse is preset to include alert annotations in all chart widgets. If you don’t want to see an annotation for this alert, deselect the checkbox.
  7. Enter the location where you want the alert stored.
    You can store alerts by owner, function, or whatever category you choose.
  8. Set up the alert’s scope and condition.