Define a page group with URL Substring - Trailing Text

Capture a portion of text in a URL to define your page group.

These steps show you how to use the URL Substring - Trailing Text definition method to define a page group using the value of the text between the beginning and end of a URL.

How to

  1. In the URL Start field, enter the full URL leading up to the portion that you want to match and use for your page group, followed by an asterisk to count as a wildcard (for example,*).
  2. In the Trailing Text field, enter the end portion of the URL that you do not want to capture (for example, .jsp).
  3. Check that the correct text is used for the page group. In the Enter Test URL field, enter the URL that you know includes the text that you want applied to the page group (for example,, and click Test.
  4. If the match is successful, that row turns green and the name of the page group appears in the Result field (for example, learn-more). Click OK to save the configuration.