Get a bird's-eye view of your users' experience

See your real-user measurement data stream in one dramatic, 3D, global format with fly-to animation.

The Showcase dashboard is one of the most popular in Network Operations Command Centers (NOCC) and team rooms. The blinking lights on the globe are user interactions within ten seconds of real time. At a glance, it’s easy to see if everything is green (all good) or red (we have a problem).

Showcase widgets

These widgets are included in the Showcase dashboard:

Page Groups and Operating Systems
This widget shows page groups and operating systems.

This widget shows page views and bounce rate.

Countries and Browsers

This widget shows the values and percentages of the top seven countries and browsers.

Page Load vs. Back-End

This widget shows your page load time and your back-end time. For more information on how mPulse measures back-end time, see mPulse FAQ.