Improve your site’s speed

Now that you know how fast your site is, and how fast you want it to be, it’s time to sort out how you can improve its speed.

mPulse lets you directly measure how your users are impacted by delays on your site. This leads to a much more accurate estimate of what your target speed should be.

Use the DevOps dashboard to drill down on a few dimensions and find an area where performance optimizations would improve the user experience.

How to

  1. Return to Home screen and click the DevOps icon. The dashboard looks like this:
  2. If the view is not set to Last 7 Days, switch so that you’re looking at seven days of total data.
    1. Under the top bar, there’s a list of filters. Click the one that shows a time frame (for example, Last 60 Minutes).
    2. Click Last 7 Days and then OK to apply the change. The dashboard will update automatically.
  3. Mobile traffic is the fastest growing traffic segment for many sites, so check the performance of just mobile users. Click the All Device Types filter at the top, change its value to Mobile, and click OK. The dashboard automatically updates to a filtered view showing mobile traffic only.
  4. Look at the titled Timers.
    • Are mobile users spending more time waiting on Back-End Time (time between page request and the first byte of the response) or Front-End Time (time spent waiting on the HTML page and all of its embedded content to load)?
    • Note which of these (back-end or front-end) is where users are spending more time waiting. You’ll use this information later in another dashboard.
  5. Find the Page Groups widget. Page Groups are auto-defined and user-defined values that group similar URLs on the site (for example, all visits to article pages or product pages). Note the name of the Page Group that’s currently receiving the most traffic on this site. You’ll use this value in the next dashboard.