Set up caching for bandwidth images in Property Manager

If Akamai delivers your traffic, use the mPulse bandwidth images to measure the bandwidth between your end users and the Akamai edge server.

To set up caching for your mPulse bandwidth test images, configure these behaviors in your mPulse enabled property:
  • Cache Key Query Parameters
  • Caching
  • Downstream Cacheability

How to

  1. Go to > CDN > Properties.
  2. Create a new version of your mPulse-enabled property configuration. For details, see Versions and Versioning in Property Manager help.
  3. In the Rules section of the property, click Add Rule.
  4. In the right pane, give the rule a name (for example, Cache Bandwidth Images), then click Insert Rule.
  5. In the Criteria section, click Add Match, select Path, select matches one of, then enter the location of the bandwidth images on the Akamai network, as shown in this example.
  6. In the Behaviors section, click Add Behavior to open the Add a Behavior for this Rule dialog.
  7. From the available behaviors list, select Cache Key Query Parameters, then click Insert Behavior.
  8. From the Behavior menu, select Exclude all parameters, as shown in this example.
  9. Click Add Behavior.
  10. From the available behaviors list, select Caching, then click Insert Behavior.
  11. Set the Max-age to 365 days, as shown in this example.
  12. Click Add Behavior.
  13. From the available behaviors list, select Downstream Cacheability, then click Insert Behavior.
  14. From the Caching Option menu, select Don’t allow caching (bust), as shown in this example.
  15. Save the configuration.
  16. Activate the property on the Akamai staging network.
  17. After the property is active on staging, test your property configuration to make sure your website is working as expected.
  18. From mPulse, open a dashboard (for example, the Summary dashboard) and make sure that the page views count is increasing.
  19. After you test your property configuration on staging and check the page views in mPulse, activate the tested property version on the production network.
    Note: An initial mPulse property configuration can take an average of 15 minutes to deploy to the edge servers. This is based on the amount of traffic being sent, and time to populate the data in the portal. If you experience delays greater than 4 hours, contact your account representative for assistance.
  20. Once your property configuration is activated on the production network, it’ll be several minutes before mPulse receives your data beacons.

Next steps

Log in to mPulse, and use the Bandwidth Blocks pie chart to see your end users’ bandwidth distribution.