mPulse Help

Resource id: W01 = GUID-5643AFBC-53D6-43AA-AB51-F2E13FBF3BB0.html
Welcome to mPulse

Resource id: W05 = GUID-EBEC9222-7876-46F9-81A8-2227CFA89851.html
How mPulse works

Resource id: W10 = GUID-430F8935-6A5A-43AD-BDCF-374675A4BBC3.html
Key concepts and terms

Resource id: QS01 = GUID-23E7EFE0-9CAD-49C6-94C3-48BEA708F090.html
Quick Start

Resource id: QS05 = GUID-04B94635-7F33-4899-91EF-A0874F3C01D0.html
About mPulse edge injection

Resource id: QS10 = GUID-AF57ECAF-198F-4086-85C1-E2F91954F500.html
mPulse behavior options

Resource id: QS15 = GUID-28D9C6EA-4294-4B6F-A938-AA952FCF199A.html
Set up mPulse at the origin

Resource id: QS20 = GUID-EB382E5E-F9C1-48DA-BE9C-1538C02EA296.html
Create an mPulse app

Resource id: QS25 = GUID-5DCCAE26-9237-4C65-B99E-AE21C6CBB6A8.html
Add the mPulse snippet to your pages manually

Resource id: QS30 = GUID-E31BC2E0-9217-41B4-9DA1-AE155377B218.html
Leverage tag management

Resource id: QS35 = GUID-E70780EE-6A6E-4FD3-B153-0D66CD2F7A84.html
Explore mPulse

Resource id: QS40 = GUID-B8B2E27A-7CD4-4DC9-B45C-2F0B974A7308.html
Additional support and information

Resource id: CWA01 = GUID-3F02153B-F275-445E-A1EB-2242C7CB4166.html
Customize your web app configuration

Resource id: CWA05 = GUID-71A3E940-24CB-45E3-9160-94BC668B1247.html
Set up an A/B test

Resource id: CWA10 = GUID-E3E311E4-8C8C-4B52-B012-15FABB07DF01.html
Exclude data coming from internal sources

Resource id: CWA15 = GUID-C2C7688D-94F7-4A65-B15F-E808A8EA1961.html
Set up a single page application

Resource id: CWA20 = GUID-605EA1B3-0C16-4FD6-8250-B4AB9D7D7620.html
Measure your end users’ bandwidth

Resource id: CWA25 = GUID-11D20D5C-8D2F-47D7-939F-23EB80911FD3.html
Set up a bandwidth test

Resource id: CWA30 = GUID-E20E7F1F-0357-419F-B4FB-7354D99E2EE5.html
Set up caching for bandwidth images in Property Manager

Resource id: CWA35 = GUID-27F543BC-7D6C-403D-B8F3-995808D618A4.html
Send beacons from JavaScript to mPulse

Resource id: CWA40 = GUID-CAC3AB1F-3D7D-4D3A-998B-127D8EEE65F7.html
Send beacons manually

Resource id: CWA45 = GUID-7CD86038-8E3E-487A-AF93-5518DE6F6867.html
Get the most from your mPulse beacon

Resource id: CWA50 = GUID-DF8D20C3-9762-48CB-89D4-0312895B5C80.html
Monitor synthetic and bot beacons

Resource id: CWA55 = GUID-65FAFC1A-DF94-49C2-9B21-119B6007C956.html
User agent matches

Resource id: BOT_MANAGER = GUID-27BA70D7-7315-4042-BC52-9140B39684F0.html
Integration with Bot Manager

Resource id: CWA60 = GUID-1741A08B-43E4-4653-A9A3-3A54430C5A4E.html
Track your third-party analytics

Resource id: CWA65 = GUID-0AE76697-105E-4A8D-9D54-6E9D890EA0C3.html
Track JavaScript errors

Resource id: CWA70 = GUID-AF98C407-A76B-4D14-9C30-85AB61CE1311.html
Suspend beacons for your domain

Resource id: CWA75 = GUID-E6252607-32E2-41BC-94DB-2FEA694FDDF3.html
Remove query string parameters from raw beacon logs

Resource id: CWA80 = GUID-27848460-D27B-435D-BFA7-61AE89CD618B.html
Remove IP addresses from raw beacon logs

Resource id: CWA85 = GUID-C9BA74FB-1D8E-462B-B571-D02F9A4099B4.html
Store a copy of mPulse beacons in S3

Resource id: CWA90 = GUID-E8768762-83FB-4510-8651-0834C3436A99.html
Add custom parameters to the mPulse beacon

Resource id: CWA95 = GUID-77E56D0D-AFF8-4ADD-8262-D15DDF4AA768.html
Delay real-time measurement reporting

Resource id: CWA100 = GUID-4E032EBE-52EC-4E73-8239-93953DA89EAA.html
Use session tracking to manage visitor requests

Resource id: CWA105 = GUID-2A0B02CD-F262-4C11-A44D-3F64203366BB.html
Set up session tracking across your domains

Resource id: CWA110 = GUID-65F913D5-4188-43B7-A332-C1FFCE4C2A61.html
Host an HTML page in Property Manager

Resource id: CWA115 = GUID-A524E12C-2296-4786-9D1B-0F0E1958EDE0.html
Use page groups to isolate performance issues

Resource id: CWA120 = GUID-208584B9-C908-4398-A519-CB6F1AD549D1.html
Set up page groups

Resource id: CWA125 = GUID-1918F0AC-2AF2-4C3F-A611-2F1AB1D295F4.html
Define a page group with JavaScript Variable

Resource id: CWA130 = GUID-32ADEF79-C840-4B0F-844F-2618761AE9FC.html
Define a page group with Query String Parameter

Resource id: CWA135 = GUID-54D72793-9AD7-4E0B-AEC0-0CD5005D9B1D.html
Define a page group with URL Substring - End of Text

Resource id: CWA140 = GUID-D2476E11-D107-48F8-81FD-F7564AB45F54.html
Define a page group with URL Substring - Trailing Text

Resource id: CWA145 = GUID-2F15D230-4450-444B-8A61-35DAD7D0C6BD.html
Define a page group with URL Regular Expression

Resource id: CWA150 = GUID-E9689620-B222-4961-A7D8-BBF4FAA11F07.html
List page groups

Resource id: CWA155 = GUID-9A2EBECE-7CD7-4DAD-9D9F-067C2596C39D.html
Page group best practices

Resource id: AUTOPAGEGROUPS = GUID-CE906A85-2397-4864-8708-AE8C7DDD7053.html
About automatic page groups

Resource id: CWA160 = GUID-0E8AFC74-390E-4B5E-BE44-7ACC8EF1A995.html
Use metrics to understand how performance impacts your business

Resource id: CWA180 = GUID-6955CF29-7CF6-421B-8826-BE1CD4DDE0C7.html
mPulse system metrics

Resource id: CWA165 = GUID-0D996848-C133-4B19-924D-89E7F797F393.html
Set up a custom metric

Resource id: CWA170 = GUID-31ED53DE-25D9-497A-B449-13CB8ADEE06C.html
Define a conversion metric

Resource id: CWA175 = GUID-C56ADF25-C830-4B82-886C-3B528A063725.html
Define a revenue metric

Resource id: CWA215 = GUID-27FF390A-85ED-4451-B422-B40ED1A80FB4.html
mPulse system timers

Resource id: CWA185 = GUID-1F0DE882-9973-4884-A9DC-3AF9BABB10C0.html
Set up a custom timer

Resource id: CWA190 = GUID-B21CC0DC-7043-47AA-86DD-A05F37B58AD5.html
Define a timer with JavaScript Variable

Resource id: CWA195 = GUID-38FA7646-E42D-48FD-9D51-B45D86B28BC6.html
Define a timer with Navigation Timing

Resource id: CWA200 = GUID-7D24E252-56F9-45CE-97CA-CD84C7B787E6.html
Define a timer with Resource Timing

Resource id: CWA205 = GUID-F08F211E-95BA-49C7-9904-2C3EFAB1582C.html
Define a timer with User Timing

Resource id: CWA210 = GUID-99E16A21-CE9C-4A78-8F5D-4E3513E56AA0.html
Define a timer with Resource Groups

Resource id: CWA220 = GUID-7417EEDC-02A3-4B56-9D78-AFFB1EFCF74B.html
mPulse CORS and Resource Timing

Resource id: CWA260 = GUID-228E757E-B88A-4860-8FE9-7898CCD19F8C.html
mPulse system dimensions

Resource id: CWA225 = GUID-1105AEBC-B591-4488-9FA4-1C836E900F7D.html
Set up a custom dimension

Resource id: CWA230 = GUID-8CCC4661-3CBE-42F1-81AF-2E02D8DB9D0A.html
Define a dimension with XPath or CSS Selector

Resource id: CWA235 = GUID-6A009FD8-4F40-4D09-8AEB-FB905D4789EE.html
Define a dimension with URL

Resource id: CWA240 = GUID-6226AB02-9AC2-4D1B-BFAB-6C80FBBA64FA.html
Define a dimension with Query Parameter

Resource id: CWA245 = GUID-E3EB6213-F774-47B7-B3BB-93722E009CDB.html
Define a dimension with Cookie

Resource id: CWA250 = GUID-1A656709-093D-48C3-8D9D-73A88B3195BF.html
Define a dimension with User Agent

Resource id: CWA255 = GUID-6C5B0679-D3D5-430D-AD18-3FBF09D11951.html
Define a dimension with JavaScript Variable

Resource id: CWA265 = GUID-2CDEED41-3B26-45B1-9896-85B17F8E7901.html
Capture a CSS Selector or XPath

Resource id: CWA270 = GUID-2DF6CD50-12FF-4030-8878-999F3C03C806.html
How to calculate back-end and front-end times

Resource id: LITEAPPS = GUID-6A7FEF42-FAE8-43ED-A9A3-21BF389ACC3A.html
Create a Lite app in an Enterprise tenant

Resource id: CMA01 = GUID-0DBA414C-5F07-431F-9AA7-EFF8A9958A56.html
Customize your native mobile app configuration

Resource id: CMA05 = GUID-22A6F33B-8E75-4B4C-AD47-E7B04AA3947B.html
Define an action within your mobile app

Resource id: CMA10 = GUID-AE2E6236-CB4E-4A85-83C6-D43012EA26EB.html
Set the time interval to send data to mPulse

Resource id: CMA15 = GUID-27F543BC-7D6C-403D-B8F3-995808D618A4-1.html
Send beacons from JavaScript to mPulse

Resource id: CMA20 = GUID-AF98C407-A76B-4D14-9C30-85AB61CE1311-1.html
Suspend beacons for your domain

Resource id: CMA25 = GUID-27848460-D27B-435D-BFA7-61AE89CD618B-1.html
Remove IP addresses from raw beacon logs

Resource id: CMA30 = GUID-5F99E88B-EFBA-4658-AAD2-F9B4B01E05E2.html
Store a copy of mPulse beacons in S3

Resource id: CMA35 = GUID-B3200C80-FB49-4822-A363-F6DC85DA1E2A.html
Determine when your mobile visitors' sessions end

Resource id: CMA40 = GUID-8BB8AC87-F8AB-4C10-AD0A-9178A25570A6.html
Isolate mobile app performance issues

Resource id: CMA45 = GUID-9A48A384-92C5-4581-B65B-4EC55DF6210B.html
Set up a custom metric for your mobile app

Resource id: CMA50 = GUID-AE888244-8F51-41E4-8535-CC80C12CB596.html
Set up a custom timer for your mobile app

Resource id: CMA55 = GUID-C6CF38FA-083A-4042-AF4B-FC029FC36FB2.html
Set up a custom dimension for your mobile app

Resource id: EDB01 = GUID-D26D70E5-3575-417D-8683-EB1553F62B26.html
Explore mPulse system dashboards and widgets

Resource id: EDB05 = GUID-1FEB1F10-4CB3-4BB2-A1AB-5117A75EA54A.html
Get the big picture

Resource id: EDB10 = GUID-0298C97F-CF39-4A24-B5EA-3E150AF8E6E7.html
Meet your business goals

Resource id: EDB15 = GUID-DA5AEA80-1C77-47C8-9E24-F1194697BC25.html
Find ways to boost performance

Resource id: EDB20 = GUID-DEC0F8B0-A238-45C3-9010-72DE1D344168.html
Improve your site’s speed

Resource id: EDB25 = GUID-785FD724-D4E7-4BF5-A0D6-B91B35ABC0A2.html
Tour the globe

Resource id: EDB30 = GUID-DAE7EFB4-CABB-4E43-AC92-73322BD5D8E9.html
Get a bird's-eye view of your users' experience

Resource id: EDB35 = GUID-3BF50D3A-6960-407E-8AA2-368ABFF8207D.html
Check your site’s pulse

Resource id: EDB40 = GUID-56BC6659-7C58-4A68-9114-EAC78BED13BA.html
Optimize for browsers and devices

Resource id: EDB45 = GUID-28D5636F-9232-418D-8002-8424919F3DEC.html
Analyze how a resource performs over time

Resource id: EDB50 = GUID-A42C9EF4-031A-4363-A7F1-8A52788B1E8F.html
Analyze how external resources impact your business metrics

Resource id: EDB55 = GUID-975BFCEE-5912-49C6-939B-76B162B4343F.html
Forecast revenue, conversion, and degradation

Resource id: EDB60 = GUID-11027039-1755-4124-955C-8E5681429C55.html
Make some predictions

Resource id: EDB65 = GUID-BE938C30-851D-42C0-9517-433C37E5FD25.html
Use predictive analysis to prioritize performance improvements

Resource id: EDB70 = GUID-B6CD9E22-5A6F-4EB5-A158-D353C1290CFC.html
Fix performance issues

Resource id: EDB75 = GUID-19ED5233-593C-4479-9D64-F64696E348B6.html
See how performance impacts traffic

Resource id: EDB80 = GUID-CC0F2EF4-6F22-4ACE-8928-7B5D8A9E4733.html
Troubleshoot and fix domain errors

Resource id: EDB85 = GUID-E1FC8D43-2D0E-4413-8BD1-78F5716ABF2D.html
Take it to the top

Resource id: MDB01 = GUID-338FD967-D79F-4130-AEB9-1EEE92899E19.html
Manage custom dashboards

Resource id: MDB05 = GUID-36D60DE4-B4E2-4C89-9EA6-EE2FB3E1CF26.html
Clone a system dashboard

Resource id: MDB10 = GUID-431D7884-6150-4D81-B078-3E5DFA83C73A.html
Create a custom dashboard

Resource id: MDB15 = GUID-11C8A35E-D7A0-4B14-9696-8DEA569FA522.html
View custom dashboard settings

Resource id: MDB20 = GUID-4A04EAE5-B1A7-431F-9D2A-20F8275676B7.html
Add a dashboard container

Resource id: MDB25 = GUID-8C542E3A-7D4F-430E-AC29-BAE739E8248C.html
Share a dashboard

Resource id: MDB30 = GUID-B024106A-5473-4690-B657-2C67EBFE350D.html
Change the default dashboard

Resource id: MW01 = GUID-945134DF-2CA6-444E-A9FE-2AA60A18188E.html
Manage dashboard widgets

Resource id: MW05 = GUID-19D21074-0AD6-4EB5-B0F4-F7BDF7EBA013.html
View widget settings

Resource id: MW10 = GUID-FE1C778A-A955-4E85-B5AC-B757B4C72D70.html
Change widget settings

Resource id: MW15 = GUID-83A0C799-44C8-4D25-B980-A60EA18485AD.html
Compare widget results

Resource id: MW20 = GUID-39DD4779-A5D0-4B28-9403-5129E1E844B6.html
Copy a widget

Resource id: MW25 = GUID-97AEE8A6-05DA-4D5F-919B-D89DC040914D.html
Expand a widget

Resource id: MW30 = GUID-A2F92B23-B8D5-4CAF-9FF5-4D18BD1F6652.html
Open a widget in a new window

Resource id: MW35 = GUID-13B207B7-E76C-4D8F-AA92-4867D69AD6BD.html
Remove a widget

Resource id: MW40 = GUID-87E8E802-8EC4-4D58-BE5A-2367A9436BFF.html
Reposition a widget

Resource id: MW45 = GUID-2E9AB92B-15DD-4D24-BDDC-0AEE4A1A6F75.html
Integrate widget charts and layouts

Resource id: TP01 = GUID-D7735D79-1402-4944-B809-AF4D6FF12120.html
Track and report performance activity

Resource id: TP05 = GUID-4299BD9F-553D-4C62-9EC7-01CA22FAFE01.html
About mPulse alerts

Resource id: TP10 = GUID-CEE8FE75-2CD9-423A-BB3E-26EC9D8735A9.html
Create a static alert

Resource id: TP15 = GUID-3AA3A832-F6E7-435B-B539-07B3D7732982.html
Set up the scope and condition

Resource id: TP30 = GUID-F0D662D4-7D65-4F5E-8EB9-F230DDEEF531.html
Set up time windows

Resource id: TP35 = GUID-251F9967-4891-4FEE-BE20-2DA27252A727.html
Set up an alert notification

Resource id: TP40 = GUID-11B3CE23-C371-45FC-B046-B8B1BF5C7054.html
Track alerts in custom dashboards

Resource id: TP45 = GUID-B61EDF54-113D-41AC-B966-6ABF00E636CD.html
Manage alerts and reports

Resource id: TP50 = GUID-CDE10A0C-EB48-4166-98C9-AF02CC16B506.html
About mPulse reports

Resource id: TP55 = GUID-9A8CA9C1-72EB-4A82-BC90-94F080DF065D.html
Create a time interval report

Resource id: TP60 = GUID-4176F7AB-6ECF-4ED3-A79E-93AD174E565D.html
Create a one-off report

Resource id: TP65 = GUID-35302404-C16C-4846-B3F4-F269BD4D57ED.html
Set up a report notification

Resource id: MU01 = GUID-AC1B6C69-FE09-4E78-9CEA-348C2AF2B6D7.html
Manage mPulse users

Resource id: MU05 = GUID-18FC190D-9F04-4681-8BCA-A62FA1DADEBE.html
Create a new mPulse user

Resource id: MU10 = GUID-5252D663-278D-414E-8B11-C282E8979F1D.html
Create a user group

Resource id: MU15 = GUID-7384311E-2C79-42EA-B2EE-7B6FF026AD64.html
Assign user privileges

Resource id: MU20 = GUID-5525ADBE-974C-40D8-A7AA-B2B43BF6C456.html
Add or change user permissions

Resource id: MU25 = GUID-41642521-B209-40C1-923D-46E8BC15F6B6.html
Change ownership

Resource id: MU30 = GUID-A6333029-72A1-4C44-A628-5A9BE4357800.html
Turn off concurrent logins

Resource id: MP01 = GUID-D1928CDD-9736-4E14-8FE8-DC2EE9D4C0A2.html
Monitor application performance

Resource id: MP05 = GUID-FAEE907B-4A56-4300-B6E3-A4253491379E.html
Create an external data source

Resource id: MP10 = GUID-54DDE7DD-CE15-4B71-9C11-EBD0AAB15AC7.html
Set up Dynatrace Metrics

Resource id: MP15 = GUID-102D5F30-C427-4BE4-8298-35F496DA0355.html
Add an external data source widget to your dashboard

Resource id: GMA01 = GUID-EEA82C61-0E8C-472D-BF51-D7EFC8BC186C.html
Set up geolocations for mPulse mobile apps

Resource id: TZ01 = GUID-EA54AA8C-E518-4104-8C15-9DD3AFBA259C.html
Customize time zones and locales

Resource id: TZ05 = GUID-E34131C3-A38D-4414-B37D-39F5A1B1023B.html
Set your time zone and locale

Resource id: TZ10 = GUID-921E798D-A834-493F-B7A6-B9EA0E707989.html
Set your company’s time zone and locale

Resource id: BSS01 = GUID-D625A9B0-AA1A-43AD-B9B7-C0373B55A56A.html
Manage your mPulse environment with boomerang self-service

Resource id: BSS05 = GUID-8E649687-4655-48B0-8F5F-243CB7E01F6E.html
Upgrade or change a boomerang version

Resource id: BSS10 = GUID-3D380D93-564C-4245-8844-C296780EE99C.html
Apply a boomerang version to your mPulse app

Resource id: BSS15 = GUID-610AC9A1-607C-403D-BF9E-5AE8C893CBDF.html
Apply a default boomerang version for your company

Resource id: OE01 = GUID-D29CFC5C-9A5F-4CEB-9E5D-07F2C69A6C96.html
Move mPulse from the origin to the edge