The SSH and Aspera access method

Enable the use of SSH authentication methods ("Secure Access"), by applying an SSH key to the account for use.

All SSH (Secure) access methods use the sshacs username, not the name of your upload account. Once properly setup, all access methods that use SSH (Secure) authentication can be used (as well as the NetStorage HTTP API).

Before you begin

  • An SSH Key is required. The processes discussed here assume that you have already generated an SSH Key for use.
  • Are you using Secure Rsync? If you wish to incorporate Rsync via a Secure Shell (SSH) connection, follow the instructions detailed here to apply an SSH Key to the Upload Account for use. (Do not use the Rsync tab.) Once the Upload Account has been created, saved and completed propagation, you can use the private and public instances of the keys for access. Specific usage details are covered in the NetStorage - User Guide.
  • Aspera Upload Acceleration has additional software and configuration requirements.


  1. Click SSH and Aspera.
  2. Click +Add SSH Key.
  3. Populate the fields as follows:
    • SSH Key: Input a valid key here. You will need to open the public instance of the key file in a text editor and copy/paste its entire contents into this field.
    • Notes (Optional): Input any Key-related information you feel is relevant in this field.
  4. Click Add SSH Key to complete the process, and reveal an entry for the new key in the SSH Authentication table.
  5. If desired, click +Add SSH Key again to add an additional key, and repeat Steps 3 - 4. Repeat as necessary to add more keys.
  6. Enable Aspera Upload Acceleration for use by clicking this slider switch. It will remain grayed-out until an SSH key is applied.
    Note: While you can share an SSH key that you apply here with Aspera Upload Acceleration, we recommend that you use a unique key that you configure in the Aspera Client application. Use of Aspera Upload Acceleration also has configuration and setup requirements.

We recommend you use multiple SSH keys

All secure session-based protocols--Aspera Upload Acceleration, SFTP, SCP, Secure Rsync and CMShell--are available to an upload account if you generate and apply a single SSH key for use. You do not need to configure an individual SSH key for each. However, this is supported, and we highly recommend this practice for additional security.

Tip: If you follow our recommendation and use multiple keys, you should use the Notes field in the NetStorage Groups UI to include the specific session-based protocol name for that key.
Using the Notes field to label usage for an SSH key
SSH Keys and Aspera Upload Acceleration

While you can manually generate an SSH key and apply it for use with Aspera, we recommend that you use the utility offered in the Aspera Client application to generate the key. Other operations must be performed in the Aspera Client to configure it, and using it to generate the SSH key greatly simplifies the entire process. (If you choose the manual method, you must have access to the public key and be able to copy/paste its contents into the Aspera Client.)

Use your access method

You can use this new access method once your upload account changes have propagated. View the NetStorage User Guide - Access Methods topic for usage examples and limitations.