Alert Detail: Storage replication delay -- NetStorage

This informational alert notifies you when a replication delay exceeds a time threshold you specify.

The time threshold is specified in minutes. It can occur as a result of either of these:

  • A delay in initiating a replication in one or more of the Geographic Regions ("Geos") associated with a specific Upload Directory (CP code).
  • A stalled replication due to errors.
Note: This Alert will not fire if a replication takes longer than the time threshold set, but completes successfully (without errors).

A replication delay will not cause problems in fetching requested content. If a request targets a replication server, and there is a delay, the end user is automatically redirected to the original region where the content is already available.

Managing this alert

Once you’ve added this alert, it will initially be revealed in the Never Active content panel. As it fires, it will be moved to other panels, based on its "firing timestamp". If necessary, click the panel's button to open it, where it's revealed as:

<Your Alert Name> Storage replication delay -- NetStorage

You can interact with it as follows:

  • Edit the Alert - Click its <Your Alert Name> and click the Settings button.The wizard revealed is similar to creating an alert.
  • Delete the Alert - Click its <Your Alert Name> and click the Delete button.