You can rename a file

File Manager allows you to rename files but you cannot rename directories.

How to rename a file

To rename a file, perform the following:

  1. Navigate to the folder housing the desired file.
  2. Locate the desired file and right-click on it to display the Rename button ( ) option.
  3. Click the button to launch a pre-populated dialog window with the existing file name. Change this value as appropriate.
  4. Click the Rename button to continue (or Cancel to abort).
Note: When renaming a file, take file naming parameters in to consideration to maintain file type and integrity (for example, include the appropriate extension in the file name). Additionally, renaming a file may negatively impact established access to the item (for example, a link established in a player for a renamed media file would be affected, thereby requiring that you edit the link in the player).

You can't rename a folder

Folders cannot be renamed in File Manager. You can however, create a new folder, give it the desired new name, and then move the file contents from the old folder into the new one (and subsequently delete the old folder).