Define the upload account details

Here, you define a name and contact information for the upload account.

Upload Account

  • Id: Input a value to serve as an identifier for the account (This is only available when adding the account). This is how it's displayed throughout the UI, and how it will be referenced with various operation in NetStorage.
    Note: You can use the following characters when creating a new Id: a-z0-9_\\-:
  • Contact Email Address: This represents the main point of contact for the account. All generic and required information will be communicated via email to this address. Specifically, you should define the Administrator for the account here.

Additional Contact Information

  • NetStorage Technical Contact: You can use the Identity Management tool in Control Center to select various NetStorage-provisioned user accounts to serve as fixed "NetStorage Technical Contacts." Select this method to choose from these accounts to use as a contact.
  • Control Center User: Select this option to use an existing Control Center user account for your additional contact. Only accounts provisioned for NetStorage are available for selection.
  • Add New Contact: Select this to manually enter contact details for the upload account.