Create an Upload Account

You use the Upload Accounts entity to create a new upload account.

The creation process assumes you're familiar with the authentication options, have an existing storage group set up and available (it has completed propagation), and you know the following values:

  • The storage group name
  • The storage group's upload directory (the "CP code root")

Take caution when editing an existing upload account. If you are implementing any automated processes that use this account (for example, calls issued via the NetStorage Usage API that use this account), or if other users are using this account, their access may be interrupted, based on the changes you make. As a best practice, it is recommended that you create a new upload account and apply changed settings there to avoid a potential interruption in access.

You can access the Storage Groups entity to review this information—locate the applicable group in the table and click it to open Detail View.

How to

To start this process, you need to access the Upload Accounts entity and click + Add New Upload Account to reveal a wizard comprised of multiple phases:

  1. The Upload Account Details are revealed first. Here, you define a name and contact information for the account.
  2. Next, you set up the Upload Directory Association. This phase involves the selection of a "root" directory for the Upload Account.
  3. In this phase you set up your Access Methods. These are used to define how you want the upload account to access its storage group. Each tab represents a unique Access Method:
  4. Advanced Settings are applied next. This includes various optional settings for the account, such as select existing ACL Rule Sets for use.
  5. Finally, you need to review the Summary. All of the settings you've applied for the account are revealed, and you use this window to save them.

Remember that propagation takes time to complete

Changes require propagation to the NetStorage network, and this can take from 60 - 120 minutes to complete. Any changes you make are not accessible until this propagation completes.