Review the Summary

This final window of the wizard allows you to review all of the settings you have made for the upload account.

What if I need to make a change?

If you need to make changes to any settings, you can click the Previous button to return to the last wizard window (and click the button again to return to a subsequent window), or you can click on the window's title on the left to jump directly to it.

It's time to finalize and save the account

If you are satisfied with the setup, click the Create button. The upload account is now in the propagation phase. This can take from 60 - 120 minutes to complete. (You should receive an email when propagation is complete.)

To quickly access your new account, you can type its Name in the Filter field to limit entries in the table to just that account. With it accessed, you can:

  • Click it directly to access Detail View and view its settings.
  • Click Gear drop-down and select Edit from the menu to edit settings, if necessary.