Verify account status and gather information

Check up on your upload account and gather information you'll need to set up the Aspera Client.

Is the upload account ready yet?

The applicable upload account must be fully propagated to the NetStorage network before it can be accessed for use. All of the changes you've made to enable Aspera must be fully "live" in NetStorage. To verify this, you can check the account's status.

  1. From the NetStorage Groups UI, access the Upload Account entity.
  2. Locate the applicable upload account in the table. (You can type the name of the target account in the Filter field to limit results in this table.)
  3. Click the account to reveal it in Detail View.
  4. Scroll down to the Upload Directory Association content panel. Make note of the numeric value listed as the Upload Directory. This is the "CP code root" for the associated storage group.
  5. Scroll down to the Propagation Information content panel (at the bottom) and verify the status.
If this message is displayed, the account is up-to-date

Gather necessary information

While you're in the UI, gather information you'll need to configure the Aspera Client.

  1. Access the Storage Groups entity.
  2. Input the noted "CP code root" value in the Filter field to reveal the associated storage group.
  3. Click the group to reveal it in Detail View.
  4. In the Storage Group Details content panel, make note of the full ASPERA Domain Name (for example, <Domain Name prefix> ).