Setup the Upload Directory Association

Here, you give an upload account access to storage groups.

This is accomplished by selecting an upload directory—a root directory in the storage group that is named using a unique Content Provider (CP) code numeric value. During generation of a storage group, at least one CP code is provisioned for its use, and set as an upload directory.

Before you begin

You must know the storage group's Name, as well as the applicable Upload Directory (CP code root) in that storage group.

Note: A single storage group can have multiple upload directories configured within it. Ensure that you have the CP code value associated with the appropriate upload directory.


Follow these steps to select an upload directory for use:

  1. Input either the storage group's name or its upload directory (CP code) in the Filter field to filter results in the table.
    Use the "Filter" field to limit results in the table based on a specific Storage Group "Name" or “Upload Directory”
  2. Click the checkbox for each upload directory you want this upload account to have access to.
  3. In the additional options that are revealed, set the Access slider switch to the desired access level for the account:
    • Read-Write: The upload account will have full access to content in its associated Storage Group. (For example, the account can be used to view, upload, download, overwrite and delete content.)
    • Read-Only: The upload account will only be able to view content in its associated Storage Group
  4. You can optionally define a Default Directory, establish Subdirectory Restrictions, and if the account has a single upload directory — a Directory Limit.
Note: If your upload account is assigned to multiple upload directories, directory limits are removed.
CAUTION: Caveats apply if you combine Directory Limit, Default Directory or Subdirectory Restrictions.