You can schedule a Snapshot

Create a new Snapshot from the Schedule Snapshot interface.

Note: Prior to creating a snapshot, it is strongly recommended that you fully review the section, Considerations when using the Site Snapshot Tool (and all of its sub-sections).

Schedule Snapshot

Click the +Schedule Snapshot () button to access the Schedule Snapshot interface.


Set options as desired:

  • Name: Input a desired name. This value is for your convenience and use in distinguishing between different snapshots within this UI.
  • Cpcode: This drop down provides a list of eligible cpcodes to be managed. When a cpcode has been selected it will auto-populate the root-level of the Directory field.
  • Directory: Input the complete path to the directory where the snapshot will be saved.
  • Frequency: Select the desired snapshot frequency.
Frequency options
  • Create a Snapshot with no schedule: Select this option to configure a snapshot without actually running it. This allows you to save a configuration and execute it at a later time (for example, by either running a Schedule Now configuration, or Manage your snapshots to define an actual Frequency).
  • Daily: Select this option to define the desired time of day.
  • Weekly: Select this option to choose a specific day of the week and a desired time at which a snapshot should be taken.
  • Monthly: Select this option to specify a specific date in the month, and a desired time on that date at which a snapshot should be taken.


These options allow you to specify the URL(s) from which the snapshot should perform the download.

  • Take a snapshot of the specified URLs: Specify one or more URLs in this text box to serve as target(s) for the snapshot. Ensure that each URL exists on its own line in this box (for example, hit Enter after each entry to define a new URL).
  • Take a snapshot of the URLs listed in a file: Input the complete path and file name (including extension) to a file comprised of URLs to include in the snapshot. The file must:
    • Be a text file, in which each individual URL exists on its own line
    • Already exist in the path specified (i.e., you will need to upload it to the specified directory in NetStorage prior to generating the snapshot).
Note: Both Snapshot methods support the inclusion of FTP (, and HTTP (, and a combination of both can be used.