Apply the SSH key and enable Aspera

This process assumes you used the built-in SSH Key generator in the Aspera Client.

How to

  1. Based on your requirements, either add a new Upload Account, or edit an existing one.
  2. When confronted with the Access Methods, select the SSH and Aspera tab.
  3. Click the +Add SSH Key button.
  4. Return to the SSH Key window of the Aspera Client interface, select the applicable key and click the Edit ().
    The Aspera SSH Key window
  5. Once the key loads, click the Copy to Clipboard button.
  6. Return to the NetStorage Groups UI in Control Center, and paste the key into the SSH Key field.
  7. Input Notes for the key (optional) and click the Add SSH Key button.
  8. Set the Aspera Upload Acceleration slider switch to On.
  9. Continue with creating (or editing) the account as necessary and then click the Create (or Save) button to save the upload account.