Prerequisites for File Manager use

File Manager needs a provisioned storage group and configured upload account.

These prerequisites and usage restrictions apply to File Manager.

NetStorage Provisioned

File Manager integrates with the NetStorage application and allows you to manage file assets within the storage group(s) configured for your instance. Therefore, you must:

  • Have a license for NetStorage.
  • Establish the storage group(s) that will house your content.
  • Have at least one upload account created for each storage group, in order to access it.

You’ll need to work with your account representative to obtain a license for NetStorage and establish your storage group(s). With this completed, you can configure upload account(s) via Control Center—it is within these accounts that File Manager is enabled and disabled as necessary.

Individual Control Center User Accounts Provisioned

In addition to provisioning NetStorage and generating upload accounts to access it, you must also provision individual Control Center user accounts for the users in your organization (create individual accounts for each user that will be accessing Control Center to use File Manager). Contact your account representative for details on this requirement.

Access to File Manager Must be Setup

Access to File Manager must be established for applicable Control Center user accounts.