Confirm the account and start using it

With all previous phases completed, the upload account enters the propagation process.

Once complete (this can take from 60 - 120 minutes), the address set as the Contact Email Address for the account will receive a confirmation message, stating that the upload account is ready for use.

You can now start using the account!

You can re-check the account status

If you have not received the final confirmation message, you can check the status of the upload account:

  1. Access the Upload Accounts entity.
  2. Locate the upload account in the table and click it to access it in Detail View.
    Tip: You can type the name of the target upload account in the Filter field to filter results in this table.
  3. Scroll down to the Propagation Information content panel and review the results.

If more than 120 minutes have elapsed and the process above does not offer viable information regarding propagation of the account, you can contact your Account Representative for assistance.