Before you get started with Aspera

Review these requirements and considerations before starting with Aspera Upload Acceleration.

You need to provision a Storage Group

The basic unit within a NetStorage account is referred to as a “storage group”. This is a repository to which you upload your content. If you have not already done so, you need to add at least one for use.

Aspera Upload Acceleration must be on your contract

You need to purchase Aspera Upload Acceleration, and it must exist on your contract for NetStorage. Contact your Account Representative for assistance.

You need to setup firewall support on your local system

The "Aspera Client" application used with Aspera Upload Acceleration requires specific ports for file transfer. If your local system is behind a firewall that does not allow outbound connections, you need to do the following:

  • Allow outbound connections from the Aspera Client on the TCP port (TCP/33001), as well as the “fasp UDP” port (33001).
  • If you have a local firewall on your system (for example, “iptables” for Linux, “ipfw” for Mac OS X or Windows Firewall), verify that it is not blocking your SSH (TCP/22), and "fasp" transfer ports (for example, TCP/UDP 33001).