Get started with Site Snapshot

The Site Snapshot Tool (SST) is an advanced, robust, and flexible failover (continuity) solution that automates the process of downloading content from an enterprise onto the Edge Platform.

When to use Site Snapshot

Site Snapshot is beneficial whenever you need to take a snapshot of your content, and place it on NetStorage. Here are a few scenarios where Site Snapshot would be beneficial:
  • Failover: Pull files from your origin to your failover site.
  • Origin offload: Automatically keep an update-to-date copy of your site on NetStorage. Useful when NetStorage acts as the primary origin, rather than the backup origin.
  • Backups: Used as a backup copy of your content.
  • Automation: Any use case that requires automated ingest into NetStorage.
Some of the major features offered include the following:


  • Interfaces: Web-based interface in Control Center, as well as a command line interface. These provide the ability to create any number of simple or complex periodic Snapshot configurations.
  • Protocol Support: HTTP and FTP are both supported with Site Snapshot.
    • FTP: A “passive retrieval” option is available for FTP, which is discussed in detail later in this documentation.
    • HTTP: You can specify HTTP headers, load cookies, and ignore or respect robots files.
  • Supports URL Lists: Site Snapshot allows you to specify the URLs for downloads either manually or by listing in an input file (a flat text file listing URLs, one per line).
  • Recursive Downloads: Site Snapshot offers the ability to set recursive behavior and the levels of such (i.e., you can set the tool to follow and download the links in the URLs to any number of levels). You can choose to download page requisites such as images and style sheet links, and you can convert links to reference the failover site.
  • Additional Features: You can limit downloads to files that have changed since the previous snapshot, limit the total size of the download, set a time-out period and error logging.