Prerequisites for use

The sections that follow discuss prerequisite requirements that must be met before incorporating SST.

Site Snapshot must be provisioned

SST functionality is associated with each Akamai CP Code configured within a NetStorage Storage Group. Therefore, an individual CP code must be properly provisioned to allow SST access. Please contact your Account Representative for details on provisioning this tool for use.

About the failover site

Setting up the failover site for use is a largely transparent process.

A flag will be set on your normal configuration so that if a failure occurs, the failover site content is automatically used. The failover content used as your origin is checked periodically at a configurable frequency, such as every 30 or 60 seconds. Once the origin is back online, normal service will be restored.

For the end user, the switch from a failed origin to the failover site is also seamless, but there may be some latency as time-outs run, and confirmation that your origin is down is processed.

Failover and redirects

One notable difference between your origin and the failover site - the failover does not follow HTTP redirects. NetStorage will return a header containing the 406 response (Not Acceptable) for a redirect request made to the failover. To accommodate this issue, redirects must be written into your failover configuration, via Edge Configuration/, in order to change the response that is returned to a 302. Contact your Akamai Representative for details on this process.

Note: Failover behavior is controlled by the edge delivery configuration in Property Manager, not your NetStorage configuration.