The NetStorage HTTP API access method

Enable and disable access to the NetStorage HTTP API for the upload account.

Click the Enable HTTP Access slider switch (set it to "On") to enable this support.

Enabling access to the HTTP API for an Upload Account

Obtaining HTTP API values for usage

Once the upload account has been saved and propagated to the NetStorage network (approximately 60 - 120 minutes), you can access it to gather pertinent information for use in the API.
  1. If necessary access the Upload Accounts entity.
  2. Locate the applicable account in the table and click it to reveal it in Detail View. (You can type the name of the target Upload Account in the Filter field to limit results in this table.)
  3. Scroll down to the Access Methods and click the NetStorage HTTP API tab.
  4. Make note of the value listed as the "Key" (as well as the "Name" of the Upload Account) for use in API calls.

NetStorage HTTP API usage

Complete details on the use of the API can be found in the NetStorage Usage API.