You need to understand authentication

Some form of authentication is required for an upload account, and one of two types can be incorporated—SSH (Secure Shell) that utilizes an SSH key you create; or Password which involves establishing a password within the account for the desired protocol, and then providing that value with each request

These are also referred to as "Secure" and "Non-Secure", respectively. Before creating an upload account, it is important to understand which protocols and services are supported for use with each Access Method:

Authentication Access Method (in Control Center) Supported Protocols/Services
SSH (Secure)1 SSH and Aspera
  • Secure FTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)
  • Rsync (with SSH -- Rsync commands, using an SSH key for access)
  • SSH (Secure Shell)
  • SCP (Secure Copy)
  • NetStorage CMShell
  • Aspera Upload Acceleration2
API Key NetStorage HTTP CMS API This access method is used to enable and disable access to the NetStorage HTTP API, via this upload account. Once enabled, you can incorporate this upload account for access in requests via this API. Complete details (including all requirements) are available in the NetStorage Usage API.
Password (Non-Secure) FTP FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
Rsync Rsync (without SSH) You can use Rsync commands and include a unique Password for access with each request.
N/A File Manager3 This access method allows you to enable and disable use of the FileManager UI in Control Center for this upload account. This tool offers direct access to a storage group via a Control Center-based UI.
1 All SSH (Secure) access methods use the sshacs username, not the name of your upload account.
2 This requires an additional contract line item. Please contact your Account Representative for assistance.
3 FileManager access relies on a valid Control Center user account that has been provisioned for its access. (The Username and Password associated with that account are what is used for authentication.)