Accessing the Site Snapshot Tool

On the NetStorage configuration page, click the Site Snapshot button () on the left navigation menu to gain access.

Site Snapshot Dashboard

The Site Snapshot dashboard provides a summary of configured snapshots and options for management.

  • +Schedule Snapshot: Use the () button to create a new Snapshot configuration.
  • Actions: You can Edit, Delete and Schedule your snapshots from this menu.

This table displays information pertaining to any existing Snapshots you have configured.

  • Name: The name established for Snapshot
  • Cpcode: The cpcode being managed.
  • Type: This indicates the type of snapshot being performed, Scheduled or Manually started.
  • Frequency: The frequency at which the Snapshot will be taken. Available options are None, Daily, Weekly and Monthly.
  • Last Run Status: This column shows the most recent status, whether the snapshot is NEW, Processing, is OK, etc.
    • If any type of Error is displayed, click the Edit button to verify that options and URLs are set correctly. See "What is the status of my snapshot?" for a description of each status message.
  • Last Start/End: These fields provide the most recent start and end times.
  • Actions: Additional management options are available in the "…" overflow, such as "Edit", "Delete" and "Schedule Now".