Non-secure password requirements

Various requirements and recommendations apply to a non-secure password:

  • Password Strength: Passwords used for non-secure access have specific strength requirements:
    Category Requirement
    Length A password must be at least six characters, but no longer that 20 characters in length
    Letter A password must contain at least one letter character (a-z, A-Z)
    Number A password must contain at least one number character (0-9)
    Repeating Characters A password cannot contain more than two consecutive matching characters ("aa" is OK, "aaa" is not supported)
    Match Requirement The values input in the Password and Confirm Password fields must match
    Known String Usage (Recommendation) We recommend that you avoid the use of easily known or recognized strings in a Password. (For example, do not use "abc123," or "<upload account name>:_123.")
  • Password Rotation (Recommended): It is recommended that you rotate a Non-secure password every three months. While this is not mandatory, you will be alerted via email once a password has reached this three month lifespan.