Set up File Manager access

You need to configure Control Center user accounts for access to File Manager before using the UI. This is a one time process — once you have configured access for a specific Control Center user account, this same access will be available each time the user logs in to Control Center.

Access your NetStorage configuration

  1. Launch your desired browser and access Control Center at
  2. Login using a Control Center user account that has been provisioned for NetStorage use.
  3. Open the application. Go to > ORIGIN SERVICES > NetStorage. Click the FileManager button.

Enable File Manager for NetStorage

You need to enable the File Manager access method for your upload account in order to access the target storage group.

  1. Access your NetStorage configuration.
  2. Locate your storage group in the table and select the View Upload Account(s) option under the Actions menu.
  3. Select the Upload Account that you want to modify, and click Edit.
  4. Scroll to the Access Methods section and click the File Manager tab.
  5. Click the Enable File Manager Access button.
  6. Ensure the Upload Directory matches the value from the previous steps.
  7. Create File Manager access mappings as necessary.