Upload Account contact warnings

All NetStorage upload accounts must have a "primary point of contact" email address set up.

This is typically established during creation of a new upload account.) Accounts that do not comply with this requirement are marked with a warning icon:

This is revealed in the Actions column for the account itself, as well as the associated storage group. If you see this icon, you need to update the account via Control Center.

Note: You must have a Control Center user account with NetStorage administrator access to update contacts.

Bulk Upload Account update (via CSV file)

If you wish to quickly update Contact information for all Upload Accounts across a selected Storage Group, follow these steps.

  1. Ensure the Storage Groups entity is selected.
  2. Locate an individual Storage Group in the table that is accompanied by a warning icon () and mouse-over this icon.
  3. In the message text that is revealed, click the “Click here” link.
  4. The Update Contact Information for Upload Accounts interface is revealed. In Step 1: Download CSV, read the information and click the “here” link.
  5. Launch the CSV file (entitled, “contact_info_for_upload_acc.csv”) in an applicable spreadsheet application for editing.
  6. Click the Step 2: Edit the CSV File to Update Contact Information content panel. Review the guidelines provided here to edit the file, taking the following additional information into consideration:
    • The first row (“header”) in the CSV file serves as the column description.
    • Each column whose description is marked with an asterisk (“ * ”) requires that you include an applicable value for an entry.
    • DO NOT delete any columns.
    • Individual rows may be deleted, except for the header row. Only rows included in the final CSV at upload will result in an update of the Upload Account.
  7. Save the CSV file to an appropriate directory on your local system for upload.
  8. Click the Step 3: Upload Completed CSV content panel.
  9. Click the Upload the CSV... button. Navigate to and select the CSV file for upload.
  10. The view will update to the content panel, Step 4: Review the Changes and Submit. Review the entries, and update as required. (Update the file and save it, then return to the Step 3: Upload Completed CSV content panel and re-upload the file.)
  11. Click the Update Contacts button to apply the changes.
  12. Repeat steps 4 - 13 for the remaining storage groups in the table that are marked with a warning icon ().

Manual update per Upload Account

If you would rather access your individual upload accounts and use functionality in Control Center to properly update contact information, perform the following steps.

  1. Go to > ORIGIN SERVICES > NetStorage.
  2. Select the Upload Accounts entity.
  3. Locate an individual account in the table that is marked with a warning icon () and click the entry (not the icon) to access Detail View.
  4. In the Upload Account Details content panel, input a valid address in the Contact Email Address field.
  5. In the Additional Contact Information settings, define contact information as necessary:
    • Select Existing Control Center User: Click this radio button, and use the associated drop-downs to select applicable Contacts.
    • Add New Contact Information: Click this radio button to reveal additional options used to configure a Contact.
    • Use the Overall NetStorage Technical Contacts (Default): Select this radio button and use the drop-downs to select applicable contacts. Values revealed here are what has been set as NetStorage Technical Contacts via the Identity Management tool in Control Center.
  6. Repeat steps 4 - 6 for all remaining upload accounts to establish appropriate contacts.