Define Advanced Settings

Functionality here is used to configure optional ("advanced') settings for the upload account.

Brute Force Attack Prevention for FTP

This protection allows you to defend the target storage group from excessive incorrect FTP login attempts. An offending client IP Address using this upload account is blocked from access for a specified amount of time, after a specified number of bad login attempts.

Note: If you have not enabled FTP as an Access Method for the upload account, this functionality is hidden.
How to set this up

Click the checkbox to enable it and reveal additional settings:

  • No. of Failed Login Attempts: Select the number of failed login attempts required to trigger the lockdown for an offending client IP address.
  • Minimum Lockdown Period: Select the amount of time an offending client IP address should be blocked from further access attempts.

ACL Rule Sets

Access Control List (ACL) rule sets are collections of IP addresses or geographic regions ("Geos") that you create to either allow or block their access to a storage group. These help to prevent "man-in-the-middle password sniffing."

  • Allow: Only requests coming from the IP addresses/Geos in the ACL rule set are allowed access.
  • Block: Requests coming from the IP addresses/Geos in the ACL rule set are blocked.

These sets are created using the ACL Rule Sets entity.

How to apply an ACL Rule Set to an upload account

Click the Select Rule Sets field and select the desired ACL Rule set from the drop-down. Repeat to add more rule sets.

Note: Only existing ACL rule sets are revealed here for selection. If you are not sure that an existing set meets your requirements (or you need to create a new one), leave this field blank and finish adding the upload account. You can then create a new ACL rule set with your desired specifications, and edit the upload account to apply it.

Auto index zip files on upload

Configure your upload account to automatically index zip files for use with the Serve from Zip feature. Select the Append serve-from-zip index option to automatically apply an index to zip files during upload to NetStorage for use with Serve from Zip. This works with the Advanced Settings: Serve from Zip setting for your upload directory.

Note: You must enabled Serve from Zip for your upload directories (CP codes) to serve content from within the indexed zip files.
CAUTION: Enabling auto-indexing will change the zip files that you upload. Downloaded zip files will look corrupt and unusable for their original purpose.

What protocols are supported with auto-indexing?

Auto-indexing supports the automatic indexing of zip files when using these protocols:

  1. Aspera
  2. Rsync
  3. SCP
  4. SFTP
  5. FTP
How do I access and use Serve from Zip?

Use and configuration of Serve from Zip is fully discussed in the NetStorage - User Guide.