NetStorage Configuration: ObjectStore

Resource id: NSCFG_1002 = GUID-2B39E7CA-069C-4CEF-8A22-1A876311D420.html
Storage Groups

Resource id: NSCFG_1003 = GUID-C7E18C85-B06E-44C3-8FC5-5F5F916FF10B.html
Let's access a Storage Group

Resource id: NSCFG_1027 = GUID-09F21719-2ECB-4421-BE2F-C8807C7DBA22.html
Add a Storage Group

Resource id: NSCFG_1001 = GUID-37CB09C5-990E-4846-9A12-AE9D0D3538D7.html
Upload Directory

Resource id: NSCFG_1028 = GUID-064CB81E-4EAC-4AA1-A83F-9DBDB3621D0A.html
Security Settings: Download Security

Resource id: NSCFG_1029 = GUID-0706505D-70C9-4ABF-A097-B4F8DB040E7D.html
Advanced Settings: Force Case

Resource id: NSCFG_1030 = GUID-884881B1-C4CC-4941-81F5-399C7EA63C99.html
Advanced Settings: Path Name Mode

Resource id: NSCFG_1031 = GUID-15DC8A26-EF99-4FFF-8258-F5FBC6017E68.html
Advanced Settings: Query String Mode

Resource id: NSCFG_1005 = GUID-058E1081-ED8E-4B68-BD60-4C256964442B.html
Advanced Settings: Quick Delete

Resource id: NSCFG_1032 = GUID-D0946165-7D47-483C-A395-2773F002C9D8.html
Advanced Settings: Encoding, Key Order and Exclude

Resource id: NSCFG_1004 = GUID-6318E615-A65E-4563-A585-4726273D62A8.html
Advanced Settings: Serve from Zip

Resource id: NSCFG_1033 = GUID-9290C20E-A1CC-4768-9141-21D982940037.html
Advanced Settings: Index Name, Limit and Search on 404

Resource id: NSCFG_1006 = GUID-97A37F57-3009-4CD4-AE8F-49EF47509B2C.html
Automatic Purge Routines

Resource id: NSCFG_1009 = GUID-F73DFBAB-85FB-44F7-BC8E-B33733BA0813.html
Upload Accounts

Resource id: NSCFG_1022 = GUID-A1B49514-8C50-48C0-905A-3F7E42228E2E.html
Secure access to NetStorage

Resource id: NSCFG_1018 = GUID-6407CD17-D97D-45B2-ABB1-40CD8ADC310E.html
The upload account creation process

Resource id: NSCFG_1019 = GUID-0245EDFB-4FA5-4703-A7D3-B238BD37E89E.html
The SSH and Aspera access method

Resource id: NSCFG_1023 = GUID-A2E9D0B7-5D08-41A4-99E0-7E629CEF9E28.html
The FTP access method

Resource id: NSCFG_1024 = GUID-661B3EE8-BE90-4ED9-A76E-95EBEDB4EF96.html
The Rsync access method

Resource id: NSCFG_1025 = GUID-4E64AE2B-BE4E-44D9-84A8-7E6104B213D3.html
Setup the Upload Directory Association

Resource id: NSCFG_1026 = GUID-EC6C8108-EE1A-4DAB-B56A-5744739FF3A3.html
Directory Limit, Default Directory and Subdirectory Restrictions

Resource id: NSCFG_1035 = GUID-8CBDCFF1-DD98-4DB4-A7FD-62FCEB3943C5.html
ACL Rule Sets

Resource id: NSCFG_1007 = GUID-6B3B667F-EA4A-4F9E-AA6A-7585E4E3E6E3.html
Set up a NetStorage Default Contact

Resource id: NSFM_1002 = GUID-8AE8E3D7-B46C-4CEA-9A9F-8FBFE26EA2B5.html
File Manager access mappings

Resource id: NSFM_1001 = GUID-4E336BB9-5495-4EAC-A74D-D9941F1ECF98.html
File Manager Tasks

Resource id: NSCFG_1021 = GUID-83EE41E4-15ED-4C60-AED6-F3E84BC0D6A5.html
Get started with Aspera Acceleration

Resource id: NSCFG_1020 = GUID-ADFD275D-9DF7-42AC-8BBA-913AB78CA726.html
Aspera FAQ

Resource id: NSSST_1001 = GUID-94E829E9-B28B-4101-A417-695A758A9116.html
Get started with Site Snapshot